The Conversation/Communication happens on my Mobile Phone.

My mobile phone (Nokia E51) is where I am listening to Podcasts, RSS feed reading, Blog Commenting, Emailing, Project Management Communications, Picture taking and uploading, Live-recorded videos (QIK), VOIP Calls, TXTing, and Instant Messenging.

The desktop is for research time. When I am at my desk I don’t want many distractions; chats, Q&A, or weeding through the crap.

Just give me my RESEARCH.

Imagine that, after puting a personal computer on every desk it’s now being used for only research. Seems this is what the “Computer” was originaly built for.

MOBILE we have become…

Been thinking about NOT buying another laptop.
I don’t want to carry anything around that won’t fit in my pocket.

RESEARCH can wait till I am in front of a large screen, keyboard, and proper tools.

2 thoughts on “The Conversation/Communication happens on my Mobile Phone.

  1. The same reason why I got my phone., and yeah we should grab some coffee sometimes, been checking your previous here, and a lot of things are new to me.. we should really talk tech sometimes 🙂

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